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Cancer traits and personality characteristics you need to know

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Everything There Is to Know About the Zodiac Sign Cancer

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Smith, Robert Cross His vulnerability attract people to him quite naturally, which is all the more reason for your Cancer son to take care in choosing friends. Cancer Element: Water. Chakra: Sacral Svadhisthana. Chinese Zodiac Twin: Sheep.

5 secrets of the Cancer Personality

Funny Chinese Zodiac Twin: Sheep. My little boy is a cancer. I wanted to post and mention just how much I love your website. It really is beautiful and gives so much in sight to these sweet souls, astrology is a beautiful thing!

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Would you have any advice regarding cancer sibling compatibility with either a Gemini or Sagittarius? I think as a Aquarius mom I understand that more than anyone. Your email address will not be published.

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The Cancer Child: Cancer Girl & Boy Traits & Personality | Zodiac Signs for Kids

These folks tend to pick up on things and bring them in, with the outward result ranging from sentimentality to possessiveness. On the bright side, Cancers are good with money although some consider them too thrifty , probably because they value a sense of security. The Cancer sun sign is also quick to help others and tends to avoid confrontation.

In keeping with their nurturing personality, those born under this sign are a whiz with food.

A hearty picnic in the park is heaven-on-earth to most Crabs. Cancers often find that a robust workout session is just the tonic for their touchy feelings. Team sports are always nice, since they offer a sense of community; water polo should be elemental to aquatic Crabs. What are their team colors?

The Moon is silver and white.

Cancer Symbol, Element, Quality, and Planet

Since Cancers have a tendency to be lazy, however, they may need someone to push them out the door. When it comes to the game of love, eager Crabs are devoted, romantic and able to get things going on their own. Crabs are wise to listen to their gut, since this sign rules the stomach.